DWD: “It’s a new dawn; It’s a new day; It’s a new life for me and I’m feeling good” ~ Leslie Bricusse, The L eslie Bricusse Songbook

Thought of the day – The Right Way to Start Your Day: Six Steps to Get Motivated
Here are six steps to get you started.

1) Clear your mind

Take a few minutes to pause and take a deep breathe. Let go of whatever is bothering you. Shift your focus away from distant concerns so you can focus on what is at hand. Don’t worry about the list of things you intend to do or how you’re going to do them. Simply allow yourself to get centered and primed for your day.

2) Write 3 positive things about you

If we’re feeling discouraged it’s important to get our self-confidence back. Take 5 minutes to analyze yourself and jot down 3 good things about you. No matter how minor or major you may think they are, record them on a sheet of paper and keep it with you throughout the day to serve as a reminder.

3) Meditate and pray

The mind is the engine of the vehicle that is the human body; if it runs smoothly your day may do the same. Meditate for at least 10 minutes. Give your mind and body the chance for some solitude and solace. Meditation helps us get train our attention, think more clearly, and regulate our emotional state. Use this time to say some affirmative prayers about how you want your day to unfold or what miracles you want to encounter.

4) Put health first

Our physical health is everything when it comes to energy and productivity. It is an ongoing priority to make sure we stay active, eat well, and get adequate sleep.

Exercise – We need energy and stamina to take on our day, so getting your blood flowing by exercising will be an important motivational tool. Try to get some form of exercise each day for 15 – 20 minutes. Even going for a walk can be rejuvenating.

Diet – Diet is a major factor in our energy level. Pay attention to your body. Eat a protein rich breakfast. Drink plenty of water instead of another cup of coffee.

Sleep – Sleep for at least 7-8 hours. Many people are sluggish simply because they are sleep deprived. Sleep is a primary tool for handling the rhythm of life.

5) Get inspired and uplifted

What are you feeding your mind first thing in the morning? Inspiration can come from listening to a podcast or music, reading a blog you really admire, or spending time outdoors. I have a handful of podcasts I follow throughout my week to keep me motivated. This is Your Life – Michael Hyatt

48 Days Podcast – Dan Miller

Entreleadership Podcast – Dave Ramsey

You might also get inspiration from taking a few minutes to do whatever you like. We can get our energy flowing when we do something fun and enjoyable. For instance, if I am feeling a little stuck I’ll play the drums for a bit to feel creative and get my brain flowing differently.

6) Do

You have prepared your internal and external self to tackle the day to day rigors of the world. Go out and make things happen. Get moving and just do one thing at a time. Realize there will be resistance to work through. So keep going and simply focus on the task at hand.

Joke of the day
Judge: ‘Have you ever been up before me?’
Accused: ‘I don’t know. What time do you get up?’

– – – –

Lawyer: ‘Now that we have won, will you tell me confidentially if you stole the money?’
Client: ‘Well, after hearing you talk in court yesterday, I am beginning to think I didn’t.’

Have a great day!


DWD: “It’s a new dawn; It’s a new day; It’s a new life for me and I’m feeling good” ~ Leslie Bricusse, The L eslie Bricusse Songbook

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