DWD: “The way we choose to see the world creates the world we see.” -Barry Neil Kaufman

Thought of the day – The Way We See Our World
The way we see the world is very much the way we see ourselves. What we think of ourselves we also think of the world. You see, everything that you have thought, you have portrayed into the world. It is a self-prophesying ritual that you complete day in and day out. And everyone else around you, everyone else in the world also does the same. Amazing, huh! All these thoughts, beliefs and presumptions are portraying the world that we are seeing every day. What does your world look like? Let me tell you, it’s not like mine or anyone else’s around you. No matter how similar our experiences may be, you will always see what you see, and I will always interpret it the way I see it. One situation can have many different explanations or meanings placed on it.A situation is just that, something that is occurring, but we give it meaning, I give it mine, you give it yours. For example, take a football match, 2 teams playing, one team winning. You can believe that it is the worst game you have ever seen, if your team is being beat. i on the other hand can look at it and be ecstatic because my team has scored another goal! Same game, two different scenarios being created in our minds. It is not the game that is different, it is the way we see it. If you supported the team that is winning at the moment, then you too would be ecstatic! Everything in our life is neutral, we experience it the way we want to. We do have a choice. We always have a choice, but many times we do not see the space that is giving us that power to choose. That space is the present moment. At this moment you can stop, you can breathe and really discover where you are placing ideas and concepts onto something that is outside of you. Something that is playing out on the screen that we call Life, that we then attach our feelings to. We get mixed into the story we are creating. The story that is building, as we add the glue, ie. the thoughts, that then keep us stuck and unable to disconnect from the illusion that we create. The story is happening, but it is outside of you. Look at it, see it for what it is. Detach. Breathe. And then give it the meaning that you can learn from. It is just a story. How many stories have you lived through, and spent time in before? What if you chose to no longer become trapped in the web that you have spun? How much time and energy would that free up in your life? How free would you be?

Source: http://mariaportas.com/thewaywesee/

Joke of the day
I once visited my friend at his house and found him raging with fury. I asked what’s wrong and he started introducing his family: This is my wife, I call her GOOGLE: Ask her one question and you’ll receive 10 answers. This is my son, I call him FACEBOOK, he publicizes our family matters to the whole World. And this is my daughter, I call her TWITTER, boys of our entire city keep following her! I did, that day, truly empathize with him.
Have a great day!


DWD: “The way we choose to see the world creates the world we see.” -Barry Neil Kaufman

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