Day with a Difference – 02-Jan-13

Quote of the day

“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.” ~
Henry Ford
Thought of the day- The Goal!
1. To wake in the morning full of life and energy, awaiting the day with anticipation and purpose. To step out into the world ready to accomplish a significant task. To engage and initiate instead of merely responding. To take the active choice that you will make something happen.

2. To maintain harmony and goodwill in relationships. To follow Shakespeare’s adage: love all, trust a few, and do wrong to no one. To focus on contribution and engagement instead of withdrawal into yourself. (Tip: When you aren’t sure what to do next, find a small way to help someone.)

3. To pursue productive, meaningful work. To spend most of your time doing something that you and others find meaningful. To accept that everything you create will likely be flawed in some way, but to create anyway. To enjoy the life you are gifted to experience. Not to take it easy, for life isn’t always easy. But to appreciate the present while looking ahead to the future.

4. To pay attention to how you feel. Not because everything is supposed to feel good, but because how you feel is a good reflection of your overall state of being. To understand that freedom is choice. To grasp the reality that a world of possibilities are open to you, so you’d better do something about them. To dream bigger and to pursue the dream. To choose to leap when others hold back. To maintain a standard of surprise and a choice of challenge. To refuse to settle, and to decline the easy path of becoming a cynic. To find something to believe in and defend it with all your heart.

5. To align your life with these ideals, continuing to work toward them every day. To embrace the journey, focusing on the process and deferring the arrival if necessary. To appreciate what you have without longing for more. To refuse to rest on your laurels. To accept that what you’ve already done is in the past. To forge ahead!


Joke of the day
Larry was a photographer for the N.Y. Times, and was scheduled to meet a plane on the runway to take him on a job. “Hit it,” said Larry climbing into the first plane he saw on the runway. The pilot took off, and was soon in the air. “OK,” said Larry, “fly low over the trees over there, I want to take a few pictures.” “What do you mean?” asked the pilot. Larry looked at the pilot and answered a little annoyed, “I need to take some pictures for the N.Y. Times, so please…..” There was a long pause, before the pilot asked in a shaky voice, “you mean you’re not my pilot instructor?”
Have a great day!



Day with a Difference – 02-Jan-13

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