Day with a Difference – 26-Nov-12

Quote of the day
What you are seeking is following you. Of course existence does not blow a horn, nor call out to you, because calling out will be a violation of your freedom. It whispers, it secretly says something in your ear. But you are so occupied, when do you listen to this whispering? You are so full of noise, so much reflecting for and against is moving in your mind, you are so involved in seeking…! – OSHO

Thought of the day
Someone had travelled to a foreign city and got lost there. He did not understand the language. He became very nervous. And in his nervousness he forgot the nam

e of his hotel, and forgot the phone number too. Then his panic increased: now how will he inquire? He was looking with great anxiety as he walked along the road, looking for someone who could understand his language. It was an eastern country, in the far east, and this American! He was looking to see if any white skinned person appeared, who will understand his speech, or if he could find a store with an English sign board, so he can go ask there.

He was walking along looking with such intensity, sweating, that he did not hear that a police car was coming behind him sounding the horn again and again. The police had begun to suspect that the man was lost. He heard the horn only after two minutes. He stopped in shock. The police got out and said, ”Are you in your senses or not? We have been sounding the horn for two minutes, we suspected you might be lost, come ride in the car.”

He said, ”This is strange! I was searching ahead for someone who can guide me, and the guide was behind me. But I was so absorbed in my search that I didn’t hear the horn sounding behind me. I didn’t even look back.”

Joke of the day
Dear Dad,

$chool i$ really great. I am making lot$ of friend$ and $tudying very

hard. With all my $tuff, I $imply can’t think of anything I need, $o if

you would like, you can ju$t $end me a card, a$ I would love to hear

from you.


Your $on.

Dear Son,

I kNOw that astroNOmy, ecoNOmics, and oceaNOgraphy are eNOugh to keep

even an hoNOr student busy. Do NOt forget that the pursuit of kNOwledge

is a NOble task, and you can never study eNOugh.



Have a great day!



Day with a Difference – 26-Nov-12

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