Day with a Difference – 20-Aug-12

Quote of the day

“Simplicity is not a simple thing.” – Charles Chaplin

Thought of the day

Once upon a time all the spirits set about building two palaces; a palace of truth, and a palace of lies. Every time a child told the truth, a brick was created for the palace of truth. The spirits of truth would then take it and add it to the growing walls. In just the same way was the palace of lies built. Each brick was created when a child told a lie. Both palaces were impressive – the best in the world – and each group of spirits worked hard to try to make sure that their own palace was the best. So much so that the lying spirits, who were much more tricky and deceitful, sent a group of spirits to the world to get children to tell more and more lies. These spirits were successful, and started getting many more bricks. As a result, their palace became bigger and more spectacular. But one day, something strange happened in the palace of lies. One of the bricks turned into a cardboard box. A little later another brick turned into sand, and then another turned into glass, and smashed. And so, little by little, it became clear that whenever a lie was discovered, the brick that it had created changed its form, was crushed, and finally disappeared. In this way, the palace of lies became weaker and weaker, and in the end it completely fell to pieces. At this, everyone, including the lying spirits, understood that you cannot use lies for anything. They are never what they appear to be, and so you never know what they will turn into.

Moral: Imaginative comparison to explain why you cannot achieve anything worthwhile with lies because, sooner or later, the truth will come out and the whole structure collapses.


Joke of the day

Question: How to kill a ant?

Student answer: Mix Chilli Powder with Sugar& keep it outside the ant’s hole. After eating, Ant will search for some water near a water tank. Push ant in to it. Now ant will go to dry itself near fire. When it reaches fire, put a bomb into the fire. Then admit wounded ant in ICU. Remove oxygen mask from it’s mouth n kill the ant.

Have a great week ahead!


Day with a Difference – 20-Aug-12

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