Day with a Difference – 08-May-12

Quote of the day

"Don’t hate, it’s too big a burden to bear." – Martin Luther King.

Thought of the day – The monk who sold his Ferrari

Greatness is everybody’s right, and it’s there for the taking only if we assume personal leadership within our lives. That’s been the core of Robin Sharma’s message to people around the world. From the litiguous world of law to making a difference to people’s lives, Sharma, 41, has come a long way, and is now rated among the most prolific names on the motivational speaker circuit.

While he’s best known for his highly successful book, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, Sharma has authored seven books, six of them bestsellers, and also advised major corporations such as Microsoft, IBM and General Motors on areas like teamwork, communication and leadership. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari is being made into a motion picture due for release in 2007, and he’s acting in it, as well.

‘The Monk who sold his Ferrari’ unravels the miraculous transformation of successful but overworked lawyer, Julian Mantle who, having reached atop the success ladder suddenly stops to take a long look the life he is leading.

Sample a few messages from this book: "There are no mistakes, only lessons", or "Life pretty much gives you what you ask from it. It is always listening", or again, "Stop spending so much time chasing life’s big pleasures while you neglect the little ones", and so on. This is one book that perhaps the corporate-variety or the workaholics would do well to read

Joke of the day

Tech Support – I had been doing Tech Support for Hewlett-Packard’s DeskJet division for about a month when I had a customer call with a problem I just couldn’t solve. She could not print yellow. All the other colors would print fine,which truly baffled me because the only true colours are cyan, magenta, and yellow.

For instance, green is a combination of cyan and yellow, but green printed fine. Every color of the rainbow printed fine except for yellow. I had the customer change ink cartridges. I had the customer delete and reinstall the drivers. Nothing worked. I asked my coworkers for help; they offered no new ideas. After over two hours of troubleshooting, I was about to tell the customer to send the printer in to us for repair when she asked quietly, "Should I try printing on a piece of white paper instead of this yellow paper?"

Have a nice day!

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Day with a Difference – 08-May-12

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