13 April, 2012 12:47

Quote of the day

"There is nothing impossible to him who will try." – Alexander the Great

Thought of the day – Success story of Sony corporation

Do you know who Aiko Morita is? He’s the person responsible for at least one or more of the appliances or electronic items you have in your home.

He’s the man behind SONY, one of the world’s first and most successful global corporations. In the United States alone, Sony was recently rated as the No. 1 brand name ahead of true blue American brands.

Morita’s family had a brewery business in Nagoya, Japan, but in true entrepreneurial spirit, the young Akio ventured to the capital of Tokyo shortly after the end of World War II to set up along with his partner Masaru Ibuka a company called Tokyo Telecommunications engineering. Their goal was to create products with brand name identification and responsibility – in short, a name that would instantly communicate high product quality.

From its modest beginning in a dilapidated wooden shack in the outskirts of Tokyo, the company eventually grew to fulfill its goal on a worldwide scale. Combining the Latin word sonus or sound with the America pop slang SONNY, they renamed the company SONY, a name recognizable everywhere which suggested a company of young people with abundant energy.

While Morita and Ibuka did not invent items such as radio, they always innovated on the product and at the same time made it responsive to people’s wants and needs. Their products have included the pocket radio, the 8-inch television, and the videotape recorder.

When Morita noticed that people were always listening to music (his children would play music from morning to night) in their cars and carrying large stereos during weekend outings, he invented a product that sound like a high-equally car stereo but was also portable enough to allow the listener to do something else. Thus was born the Walkman, a worldwide hit that is actually featured already in several dictionaries.

Wise words from Akio Morita: "Everything in this world is a gift from the Creator, and that we should be grateful for it and never waste anything. All things are provided as a sacred trust and actually are loaned to us make the best use of it. To waste something is considered a kind of sin."

Word of the day

“Dilapidated” – broken down

Joke of the day

Wayne was returning home from a business trip… bags in hand … and slowly making his way to his vehicle in the crowded airport garage. Suddenly a large dark car screeched to a stop in front of Wayne, and the driver pointed menacingly at him. “Get in,” the driver ordered. “I’ll take you to your car.” Startled, Wayne took a step backward. “Ah … no thanks,” he answered.“ I can get there myself.” “No,” the man barked back as he threw open his passenger side door. “Get In !” Wayne’s eyes now darted around the garage, hoping to find a security guard. Just then, the driver’s face softened ….. “Please,” he said, “I’ve been driving up and down for two hours. I can’t find a space to park and I want yours.

Have a superb fun weekend!

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13 April, 2012 12:47

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