Day with a Difference – 20-Mar-12

Quote of the day

Once you begin the journey towards a life of purpose, you enter the realm of real magic.” – Wayne Dyer

Thought of the day

“If you are confronted with a problem and you cannot see an immediate answer, assume that your subconscious has the solution and is waiting to reveal it to you. If an answer doesn’t come, turn the problem over to your deeper mind prior to sleep. Keep on turning your request over to your subconscious until the answer comes. The response will be a certain feeling, an inner awareness, whereby you know what to do. Guidance in all things comes as the still small voice within.”

Brian Adams on “How to Succeed”

Word of the day

“Devoid” – Entirely lacking or free from

Example: “Lisa kept her voice devoid of emotion.”

Joke of the day

Teacher- Why are u sleeping in the class?
Student- Your voice is so sweet and that why I am getting sleep
Teacher- Then why other people are not sleeping?
Student- They aren’t listening to you madam!

Have a great week ahead!

Warm regards,


Day with a Difference – 20-Mar-12

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