Day with a Difference – 13-Mar-12

Quote of the day

"If anything is worth doing, do it with all your heart." – Buddha

Thought of the day I am the owner of my body and mind

When I say, "I am depressed", it can at best mean only my mind is depressed, though I am not. When you are angry, when you are depressed, simply say silently in your mind, "It is not me but only my mind is depressed or angry". The magic of such recitation will douse the anger and dilute the depression.

I am the owner of my body and mind; I love my body and mind. They are my truest ever friends right from the time I came to this earth and they will remain with me till I breathe my last breath. To reach within my body, I use my mind. I often ill-treat my body and mind. Yet, I am responsible for the state of health of my mind. When I trust my mind, my best friend and treat it well, when I provide it only with healthy food (positive thoughts), I know my mind will do wonders to keep my other friend, my body, in good health.

I have realized that humility unleashes the power within me that helps me tide over all difficulties of life with profound ease and a smile.

By Partho Rakshit

Word of the day

Panacea” – A remedy for all diseases, problems, or evils; a universal medicine; a cure-all.

Example: “He considered education "the great panacea" and insisted that access to knowledge was the key to all social progress.”

Joke of the day

Student 1: Wish I had been born 1000 years ago!
Student 2: Why is that?
Student 1: Just think of all the history that I wouldn’t have to learn!

Have a nice day!

Warm regards,


Day with a Difference – 13-Mar-12

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